All photography provided by Donald "Rick" Pitts, Cyrus Randelia, P.E. and Arnold "Buck" Amadon

Since 1997, we have specialized in civil engineering designs and construction management services for rural Alaskan road, water and wastewater projects. We have worked with communities all throughout Alaska. We understand how important these projects can be to the health and welfare of rural Alaskan communities.

Our President, Project Manager, Senior Engineer and President, Cyrus Randelia, P.E.  has over 23 years of experience designing boardwalks, roads, trails, and water and wastewater systems in rural Alaskan communities.

Mr. Randelia has been with KAE for 18 years and has worked closely with communities all over Alaska in designing various systems. Mr. Randelia has a MBA in structural and civil engineering from Purdue University.

Mr. Donald "Rick" Pitts has over 38 years of experience constructing housing, roads, and water and wastewater projects in Alaska. Mr. Pitts has been with KAE for 15 years and is currently the Vice President. He is a lifelong Alaskan resident and he specializes in Alaska construction and force account construction management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Alaskan communities see their projects through from design to actual construction. While providing construction administration services, we use force account labor (LOCAL LABOR) whenever possible to construct community projects. This method hires people in YOUR community and keeps money in YOUR community instead of sending it outside.


What we have accomplished for our clients

  • Aniak Sewer Expansion: This project consisted of the design and construction of 6 sanitary lift stations, sanitary force mains and gravity sewer systems, a waste water lagoon, and a septic disposal facility. With KAE's assistance, the City of Aniak was able to obtain additional funding from the Village Safe Water Program to remodel a city-owned house for VPSO housing and remodel an existing connex container into a job site office. The VSW Project Manager has mentioned that "it is one of the best managed projects in the VSW program".
  • Crooked Creek Water Treatment Plant Upgrades and School Piped Water System:  KAE prepared the plans, designed the improvements, and provided construction management and quality control in the field.
  • Stony River School Septic Tank/Drainfield with a one-time-use sanitary monofill, Stony River:-EXPEDITED Sewer Design, Permitting & Construction Oversight. In late-June 2011, the Kuspuk School District Maintenance Director, Mr. Jeromy Hoeldt, contacted Cyrus Randelia, P.E. to request the design of a new septic tank and drainfield system to replace the failing system at the Gusty Michael School. This project needed to be designed, permitted and constructed BEFORE school resumed in August. KAE designed a new school septic system and prepared the construction plans by July 14th. KAE’s Construction Manager, Rick Pitts, coordinated the purchase and shipment of all project materials to the site and inspected and documented the septic tank and drainfield construction. He also inspected the excavation of the sewage monofill and oversaw the treatment and disposal of the existing sanitary sludge into the septic monofill. The project was completed before the new school session began.