Alaska Force Account Construction

We are Alaskans who serve Alaskans—and nothing makes us prouder. We utilize local labor for our services whenever possible. By doing so, we provide more jobs to locals. This helps keep the cash flow within the respective community, which further enriches the lives of those who live there.

Our Community

The unemployment rate in the Alaskan region has slowly been increasing over the last few years. To provide opportunities for local workers, we utilize Alaskan force account labor whenever possible. By using Alaskan force account construction to hire local villagers, we ensure that our workers have knowledge of the local culture and practices. This knowledge reassures our clients that they are receiving the best local services.

Highly Qualified Workers

Even though we try to use local labor as much as possible, we still ensure that they are highly qualified and trained. Alaska is full of highly trained workers who can perform our required tasks—and we know how to find them. Due to the abundance of solutions that we offer to the Alaskan region, there are many different jobs within our company that can be completed by force account labor in Alaska.

Kae, Inc. is the perfect civil engineering and construction administration firm for you. We care about our community and our clients. Since we have been in business, we have been utilizing force account construction in Alaska because we want to give back to the community as much as possible. KAE, Inc. can help you with your civil engineering and construction administration solutions in the Alaskan region, and we’ll enlist qualified local workers whenever possible. Give us a call today at (907) 276-2176 to learn more about our Alaskan force account labor practices or any of the other solutions that we offer.