Alaska Force Account Construction

We are Alaskans who serve Alaskans—and nothing makes us prouder. We utilize local labor for our services whenever possible. By doing so, we provide jobs to the local community members. This helps keep the cash flow within the respective community, which further enriches the lives of those who live there.

To provide opportunities for local workers, we utilize Alaskan force account labor whenever possible. By using Alaskan force account construction, we ensure that our workers have knowledge of the local culture and practices.

We care about our rural Alaskan communities and our clients. Since 1997, we have been utilizing force account construction in Alaska as much as possible. KAE, Inc. can help you with your civil engineering and construction administration needs, and we will enlist qualified local workers whenever possible. Give us a call today at (907) 276-2176 to learn more about our Alaskan force account labor practices or any of the other service that we offer.